Little paradise by the sea ::. Búzios

Procure um sitio, e perca-se nele*

Search a place, and lose yourself in it! It’s an advice, real one, my philosophy when i travel.


Welcome to Búzios, a little paradise from Brazil (1 of 100), 3 hour driving or 20min by air from Rio Janeiro. They use REAL (at the moment is 1$=3.90reales). A place which is known by the lovely fishermen and their boats, the gorgeous beaches and also because Brigitte Bardot lived there some time. A place to relax yourself, have fun, listen some brazillian lovely music,  buy some havaianas, get to know the people, the amazing seafood and maybe, fall in love.

First of all, you have to stop in Rio de Janeiro before Buzios to see all the amazing places they have, Cristo Corcovado, pão de açúcar, amazing streets, beaches, Copacabana, Ipanema but this post is not about that city, so i’ll focus my self on this cute place i recently visited.

Búzios is a place full of Hostels , Hotels and a thing called “Pousada” which are much better than hotels, small places and some are reformed old houses, and now are lovely cozy places with amazing views, it’s literally full of them, for every kind of pockets. There are the ones in the center with the sea views and near Rua Das Pedras (where everything is, the shops, restaurants, its the center of Buzios where you can find the exchange money places, the guys selling you the tours, the taxi boats to the beaches, restaurants, etc).

Well, let me start from some point : the beaches. Let me clarify, Buzios is not a big place but its a little paradise as i said full of incredible beaches. Such as: Praia do Forno, Forninho, Praia dos Amores, João Fernandes, Tartaruga, Praia dos Ossos, Arraial do Cabo (this one you have to rent a car or just pick some tour they offer everywhere, but its worth it), Praia dos Ossos, Azeda, Azedinha, Geribá, Olho de Boi (the nudist one)…  You have so much options, if you want to see them all in a short time, pick a tour and visit all them, choose which you love and lose yourself in it. If you want to discover by yourself, as i did, rent a buggy for 24h (150 reals + 60 gas= 55$) and go make a round on the beaches and around Buzios, its funny and at the same time you have more freedom to see what you want. You also can go walking ’cause isn’t far one from another, except the one i told you before. Every beach is beautiful, some with colder water but gorgeous too, some with red sand also most of them have like water sports, to do and fun stuff for children, some with music, and some places where you can get the amazing Capirinha (the brazilian drink) and eat some “salgadinhos” or maybe healthier with an Açaí, very good and gives you “força”(strenght) as they say.



The food culture has the base on the fish and also all the sea food, as you can imagine with all those people fishing everyday they are rich on that kind of food. You have to try the camarão  (prawn) in different ways, moqueca, bobó, pasteis, and more, and all good. Also there are some big gastronomy known around the world, some good places and amazing chefs. For example, i had the luck to try a degustation menu on the 74 Restaurant, which is on the Casas Brancas boutique Hotel & Spa Pousada, was incredible with all the flavours from the land and more, they have originality on the food and on the drinks (ask the barman Pedro to surprise you, he will !) All crew were amazing. Congrats to the kitchen! I’m still dreaming about those gin&tonics flavours in my mouth with unique food they gave me. If you can, just go and try, the view, the live music they have and of course the food is from the other world. All was perfect. They have also one called Rocka Beach, which is for the day i recommend to go and pass the day ’cause they have those big beds where you can lye down and have some amazing sea food : ).

Another one i went also marvelous was NAMI, a peruvian restaurante on the Geribá beach, very very good and with all the flavors, if you are not too into peruvian don’t worry ’cause they have a variety on the menu for every taste and each amazing.

I recommend another plan for dinner with a beautiful view and also romantic if you want, in Praia da Barra, the end of the day is gorgeous and they have some different shops if you wanna have a look , more like decoration things and clothes, but there are some restaurantes with a view and good vibe, with music and all. I personally went to Belli Belli, nice place, with some beds in front line you feel like you are on the sea, and with the amazing Caipirinhas types they have, more! The service was very good and the food was nice. If you want to go just for a drink in the end of the day to see the sunset is also a good plan. A part of the ones i’m recommending there are lots of restaurants you can go with amazing food, and for every pocket, i’m telling you the restaurantes i considered specials.

A part of beach life, relaxing time and sightseeing all this fishing paradise and walking around the streets full of colors.  There’s also night life if you want, at the weekends you have Privilege  and also the famous world brand Pacha, also you have Buda beach  which is open every day and also with live music and performances with the Samba, etc. Another less comercial plan and more brasilian is on sundays, you can go to the end of the Orla Bardot (in the center) and listen to Pagode (kind of brazilian music live) or you can just go with your friends to the beach and have some beers appreciating the view and the waves sound (very relaxing for me). There’s always something to do in some place and keeps changing so you just have to ask around.

Well i hope my tips help you if you go to this unique place, and hope you enjoy it as much as me. And maybe if you weren’t thinking about this place, this made you considerate to add it to the “travel list”. Don’t forget about my advice, search a place and lose yourself, doesn’t matter where, and obviously, and very important : SÊ FELIZ – BE HAPPY : )