Invicta com amor e sabor! ::. Porto




Hi readers! Happy to be back on the tec’s! Very proud to write this post about one of which i considere “my cities”:PORTO. You should know that Porto is the second capital city of Portugal, a country with lovely people and fascinating things to do and see, appreciate and taste!

I don’t even know where to start :P! Let me begin with some things that are a MUST in this lovely city. You should pick a boat and make the Douro River to have a general look of the houses, the architecture, the bridges (6) and of course the river and also the “Ribeira” and “Gaia” (another village/kind of small city that belongs to Porto). After that, you definitely should go to some Porto’s wine cave (there are lots of them in Gaia, the other side of the bridge) to make a tour and taste this world-known unique wine and also because it’s a experience to see all the steps/process they do to make it and the place, in general, is very interesting. And if you don’t feel like going to a cave, just sit on one of the bars/restaurants by the river and have a red wine and some “chouriça assada”. Good for pre dinner and to try our amazing wine.

Walk, walk and walk! Discover the city walking, of course you can pick some public transports (subway, bus, train, car, etc) but i normally love to walk on the streets and appreciate those cute typical shops, the food menus on the blackboards, the charming restaurantes around the city and of course the people is the most special. If you can pick a “eléctrico” an old train typical from Portugal (you have to make a trip.Its so lovely with the old people from the city which is there normal transport) that has like 3 principal lines, 1, 22 and 18, you must check it out ’cause you can do like a around on the center and there’s another one that go around the “Ribeira” on the way to the beaches (Matosinhos, Foz, etc). Also get amazed of the  many coffee bars/ bakeries that this city has, i get lost everytime i go (you need to forget about the diet in this country), you really need to stop and try some sweet or salty finger food. Delicious!

On the city i recommend you to see: Palacio de Cristal, Estação de São Bento, Torre dos Clérigos, Rua Das Flores, Ribeira, Mercado do Bolhão,  (the market in the middle of the city where you can find vegetables, bread, flowers, and also if you wanna eat for low prices they have small restaurantes inside the place where you can find typical people from Porto and get in touch with them at the same time try a nice sangria with some portuguese dish), Serralves, Libraria Lello, etc. And as i said, walk and discover the places that this city has to give. You can always buy some magazine like Time Out Porto and it will guide you and inform you about whats happening in town that month, as well as recommend some restaurants and more 🙂

Don’t leave the town without listening to FADO (typical music from Portugal) you have specifics places to go like Restaurante Mariquinhas, which i recommend to reserve in advance because is very small. In case, there’s no show that night, walk by the Ribeira and the small streets around the center and probably you’ll see some place that does it on an Amateur way, where everybody can have a try and sing also if they want! Very special this music, as well the singers and players that made it possible and so emotional.

One thing you have to know about portuguese culture, a parte of the nice people they are and very polite, is the food, we love to eat and to cook! And all the dishes ar not normally light, general about rices, good meat, fresh fish and Francesinha (its a MUST eat this world know kind of sandwich, typical from the city and very good!). About restaurants you have so many options and kinds of cuisine that you can choose, you have the normal “tascas” (it’s the name we give to small places to have lunch/dinner or whatever, cheap and food from the land and made probably by an old portuguese lady or man! very tasty), then, you have restaurantes for every pocket and every taste. If you are into cuisine and want to see and try some food on a special way you have some places like: the Yeatman hotel (1 star michelin), also Pedro Lemos restaurant. There are so many that i couldn’t write them all, let’s just put some of my favorites: Casa solar do pasto, Cepa Torta, LSD, Bar Tolo, Tasca do Antonio, Santiago (for the francesinha), Cantina 32, Toupeirinha (for fresh fish and selfish), Miss opo, Museu da Avó… PS: the best place to eat fish dishes is in Matosinhos, a city that belongs to Porto, has beach also and lots of restaurante that have their grills outside and do the seafood.



Last and not the less important thing i recommend, is to get to know the nightlife that Porto has to offer. We have like lots of places to have a drink before or after dinner, i mean, with a terrace and more relaxed like: Champanharia (for Sangria), Bonaparte (Foz), Candelabro, Casa do Ló, Café Victoria, etc.. There are 2 streets on the center which are parallel and have lots of bars and pubs “as Galerías”, very nice places with different kind of music when you can go for a drink and seat, listen some good music and also where you can dance and enjoy the ambient. I personally love to go to: Plano B (lovely place with 2 floor and 2 dance floors with different music, normally very good, also Maus Habitos to start the night, Passos Manuel (those last 2 are near the Coliseum – theatre), Armazém do Chá, Rendez- vous, Ferrugem, etc. Depends on what kind of music your are into, check the pages online or pass by and get to know it! If you are into techno music, and more like clubbing you have Gare club (a cave near the train station, nice sound) but i definitely recommend you to go to : Industria Club. Check out the agenda! Nice place, in front of the beach  (Foz), and very very important, lovely people working and amazing music!

About the sleeping part, if you want to stay in a hotel there are lots of them, also in the center with views. But i must tell and show my experience, this time i rent a small loft in the middle of old town, you cannot imagine how cute it was! and could go walking everywhere, also the views were stunning! Here i leave you the link in case you wanna check it out (also Miguel the landor, very nice and very helpful with the places to go and all): Charming loft .

Just to finish, it’s a very nice place to visit and taste! ❤  I truly encourage you to come and get to know our special country.




Hello Spring! ::. My Ibiza Sunday choices



Hello readers! Back with some tips and some places. This time i’m gonna write about my home, the magnifique white island called Ibiza. Not gonna talk about the summer/season and how many interesting things you can do or visit (that i’ll do it later), but i want to show you all ,that the island also is charming on the winter, less party but more relaxing time.

This post is about one normal sunday in Ibiza for me, or most of the things i like to do on that day, and what the island offer us to enjoy our relaxing day.

If you want to see some interesting people, and things, have some beer and listen to a live music concerts, i definitely recommend to go to “Rastrillo de Cala Lleña” it’s a second hand market but with different kind of stuff like decoration, old cameras, writing machines, clothes, accessorizes, handmade things, etc. But the best part is that you can have a look and at the same time, dance and have some drink while you are entering on the ibiza spirit. Normally the place is open from 10:00am till 4:00pm but the market ends about 2:00pm – 3:00pm and the music goes on till 4:00pm (starts around 1:00pm). Don’t forget to bring cash with you and get ready to feel some good vibes.

By the way, if you are loving the place and the ambient and don’t wanna leave but you are hungry, don’t worry they have restaurante that makes some paella dish nice and good for you pocket because its not expensive at all!

In case you want some different kind of market, less second hand and more new things, special ones, some handmade clothes and amazing accessorizes (bracelets, rings, etc.). You can also go to the Atzaró market on sundays. Has less things but is in a gorgeous place, and weekly. This place is amazing, I recommend you to go, even if you just want to look around. The prices are more expensive than other one i told, but also de quality and the ambient is different. And normally have some barbecue and activities for children, also restaurante a part. If you are on the island next weekend, you must go the spring party they make next sunday, everybody in the island goes and is very famous this party because it’s the party that puts a START on the spring season (a way of saying it). Music, drinks, dancing, performances, also markets, all in one. I’ll put the link so you can check it out: Fiesta de Primavera

Well, stayin in my line of the plan for this Sunday or another one if you want ofcourse (must say that the most of the tips or choices I’m telling you are for before de the summer or after).

Let’s keep with the lunch time as I told you already have 2 choices, my personal choice, I love to go to a typical place from our beautiful island which is “bar aneta” an old post office and you can eat typical ibizian tapas/food, I recoment you defenitly the “montaditos” you must try! And, ofcourse, end with the “hierbas Ibicencas” it’s a must in this place because they made them by themselfs, and that ones you can really feel the flavor of the licor.

Another option which is for all kind of pockets, it’s Santa Gertrudis, the small cute village on the way to Sta Eulalia, there’s different kind of restaurants and most of them good. If you want typical and meat plates you can go to “Can Caus” nice place too. Also exists a lovely place in the middle of the orange trees on the next smallest village (San Lorenzo) but it’s worth it: La Paloma Café (very important, bring cash ‘cause they don’t accept credit cards and are open till 4 pm). Also if it’s sunny and you prefer, go to some beach with restaurant and eat there or just grab some sandwiches and make some picnic with friends or family, always a good choice!

Keeping on the activities, after eating and relaxing and enjoying your Sunday with your people or by yourself, I recommend a place which i  like to go on the afternoon: SLUIZ (on the way to St. Gertrudis), it’s a place that, as you gonna see, gets your attention ‘cause has lots of blue&white cows on the entry, as well as funny park signs. Sluiz it’s a very interesting place if you like decoration, and to discover special/different things and also funny! A part of the place, they have bar/snack/ restaurant, and do activities/wine events and on Sundays if you go, you’ll find live music from 4pm till 8pm, very nice music and every weekend one type of music, and the ambient is perfect. Defenitly my choice to end my Sunday.

Well, my sunshines! I hope you enjoy your Sunday, and maybe discover some new things on the amazing island we have, called Ibiza ❤

Have a nice day and don’t forget to be happy, or at least try it 🙂