The official Foodie guide for Los Cabos ::. Bon appetite !

Let me delight your eyes with my own photos & more and make you water mouth with all this Mexican food i tried on Baja California South. Here is the foodie part of me talking 😉

There are all kinds of food in this area, for the people that is not really into spicy food or Mexican in general (which is a pity, definitely should try it).

Let me start for the ones located in Cabo, as in San Jose already told you most of my favorites. There are ones on the beach with the amazing view and some on the city. First of all, for a good ceviche, and seafood on the beach you definitely should go to SUR, it’s on the Medano beach between Mango Deck and Blue Marlin Ibiza Los Cabos (also an amazing place to eat with a view & party too). Styled place with good ambience and food, for the day and for the night, super recommendable.

Let’s keep on the beach, also you have “ La Biblioteca del Tequila”, nice place to go at night and also by the day, you can go throw the beach is one of the first and there are another ones near, also a point of location: the Breathless hotel is just behind (by the way, nice place to stay tho) , there you will find typical food from the zone and from the country in general with a touch of innovation, like the tacos with tortillas made from cacau ! and of course a variety of tequilas as the name says.

Here the most high level places (in my opinion) :


A star michelin chef put an eye on this lovely city and made a fantastic restaurant. I’m talking about MANTA by Enrique Olvera which is inside The Cape Hotel (by the way, super luxury hotel and gorgeous place to stay), there you can delight yourself with some degustation menu on the rooftop of the hotel. Super recommendable for dinner.


After that one, i definitely recommend you to visit  TORO latin kitchen it’s from one also very known chef called Richard Sandoval, who made some nikkei dishes that i felt in love with (must say i’m in love with that kind of food) , also there are tacos 2.0 and all kinds of delicious ingredients you can imagine, the place is cozy and glamorous. having a private part outside with very good ambient. Toro is the restaurant at the Punta Ballena Hotel.

It’s an unique experience of flavour and ambience.

The next on my list is Farallón, also inside an hotel. This one it’s a must to go and see, first because of the concept and natural ingredients and second ’cause the unique place they have which is on a cliff. (Yes i’m not crazy, on a cliff) Unfortunately i was at night time, but you must go on the sunset time and call in advance because it’s normally quite busy, have a drink on the amazing bar and stay for dinner if you want, it’s totally worth it.set-upThe concept they use, it’s very simple but priceless, you have to pass from a place (on the way to the table) where all the fishes and seafood are exposed, and you choose which ones would you like and how. You can choose the side dish and the starter but all very stabled but believe me, super delicious. A little fault on the service, because the waiter didn’t clean the fish for us, which i don’t mind doing but when you pay that amount of money you just want the service to be correct.


There is another one called, Sunset Monalisa i never been, unfortunately, but the people that goes falls in love with place and the sunset view, it’s a perfect place for a romantic dinner.

Now, i’ll pass to another kind of restaurants, a good ones but not so expensive, for all pockets and all tastes:

The one for fresh seafood for us and we went a lot, is LAS TRES ISLAS, ask for a margarita or just a beer and please try the aguachile (typical dish) and we were in love with the fresh shell food from there, like “pata de mula” (it’s a kind of clams but with a black juice which is totally tantalize. btw, miss it so much!) , also oysters and just try a little bit of everything, all dishes are super yummy.

Maria Eugenia is the one just in front of las tres islas, for some typical mexican baja food.

Las Gardenias
Las Gardenias

Las Gardénias, has the fish taco and shrimp taco which is the normal food on baja, and is just delicious ! And many more things and kind, i personally recommend the ones i told and also cochinita , chicken. So Good !

If you are looking for some meat to eat there are some places where you can eat a good meat such as El Templo, amazing place, more private and with some nice wines and ambience.

For Japanese food, i totally recommend you to visit  Nick – San for Sashimi’s Mexico’s style. And for the really appreciators of this kind of food i recommend you a place wich is a little bit hidden called Blue Fish, it’s small and like a Japanese restaurant will all about sushi, sashimi, ramen, etc. And price is affordable (quality and not expensive at all).

Finishing my foodie tips for Italian lovers (pasta or pizza) you can find walking on the streets but i can tell you some names like: Pan di Baccio, Italian Job, Alcaravea,  Pizza nostra, etc. All different for all pockets and tastes 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my list of places to eat at Cabo and also made you hungry already (i am ). What I recommend? To try all ! Be adventure and enjoy the Mexican culture.

Try: aguachiles, all kinds of Tacos (from al pastor to shrimp or baja), molcajetes, Mole and all 😀


Happy to be back ❤  and give you a little piece of what i lived (and ate) in one of my favourite countries:  Mexico Lindo.



Cuba Querida ::.. The Pearl of the Caribbean

Caribeean soul

Dear readers, has been a while and i’m sorry about that! But the best way to be back is writing about a new destination, one i visit 2 years ago and i came back recently.

I’m really excited about this post, because i’ve got really in love with this marvelous and unique island which i was before and has change a little bit since last time but always with that so special touch that make her so “querida” (loved).

First of all saying that in Cuba there’s a few things you need to know, the money they use is CUC which isn’t CUP (national one), that one has no actually value at the moment, because everybody uses CUC’s, but i still love to have some national money so i can go out the tourism parts and buy sweets and cuban coffee (by the way, it’s the best in the world for me, but you get it in some paladares, on the street or in some cuban houses which has a lady on the door, it’s soo delicious, doesn’t need sugar at all)  with it, which will cost you less than 1 usd. 1 CUC = 1 usd and 1 CUC = 24 CUP , more or less so you have a clew. The prices changed since the last time, more expensive things. By the way, the dollar has a charge of 10% so if you have like euros much better. Cuba is no more the place you go and buy and eat very cheap, isn’t like an extreme but it got expensive after lately situations. Don’t forget to negotiate always the prices 😉

2014-02-01 12.58.02
Malecon view

There’s a lot of hotels around La Habana and all the popular beaches like Varadero, Cayo coco, etc. But for us the best option was to sleep on people’s house, there are a LOT around the city which has a sign on and you can just walk and call on the door or if you are in the middle of the streets like “Calle Obispo” or Havana street, they will approach you if you want a place to stay. Obviously, if you are searching for an all inclusive thing, just pick an hotel on the beach Varadero, Cayo Coco or any Cayo will be wonderful and you will have what you searched for, also on Havana center you have some near the “malecon” (which you cannot lose a  walk forward of a sunset, just beautiful).

Cayo Santa Maria – Melia Buenavista

There’s actually a paradise we found called Cayo Santa Maria (which has nothing just beach) in case you want to disconnect for a few days or pass a special occasion, as there are some only adults hotels 😉 It’s just perfect to have some couple time or a celebration as they can prepare you private dinner on the beach 😉 The hotel we found it’s: Melia Buenavista Cayo Santa Maria. The all inclusive food isn’t the best at lunch and breakfast but the place, the peace and that paradise is all worth it! And at dinner they have restaurant a la carte.

A part of that situation and the enormous tourism that has lately, it’s one of my favorites places that i visited, Cuba querida, i mean.

streets of old Havana

The people is very nice, helpful and kind with you, the colorful streets and the unique cars that are around the city gets you in love with it so quickly that you wish you could stay for months!

Cuba it’s a place where you fall in love with, actually i don’t know a person that hadn’t love it, because a a lot of things. The normal things that people does in Havana as tourist is have a Mojito at the typical  but amazing Bodeguita del Medio  when isn’t busy but the mojito, ambient and the music is always a good plan! Also, taste the daiquiri at Floridita. Walk on the havana streets, go to the Plaza de la Revolución, rent an original american old car and make a tour around the city which is always an experience. So as i went twice to Cuba, this time i made different plan and went to less well known places, walked around All havana, and not only the old part. There is a thing i always do also when i’m going to Miami (as there are lots of cuban) search for the home made coffee, on the people’s house or paladares, or even on the streets — > best coffee in the world ! and obviously, see in live some Buena Vista Social Club artist singing which is always a thing that get to your soul and body 🙂

I truly recommend you to visit the Revolution Museum, it’s a place that represents all the records of their so well known and admired “Revolución Cubana”, also if you are really into the history, you definitely should visit Santa Clara that has the Che Guevara’s Grave and others “guerrilleros”, and some of their belongings. A part of that place, Santa Clara was one of the cities we mostly liked, because isn’t very touristic (of the monument) and more cuban, you feel part of the them a little bit, going to their places. It’s a really nice feeling!

Santa Clara - Che Guevara tumbaAlso a place very charming, not so cheap as Santa Clara because it got more touristic but stills worth to visit and stay 1 or 2 nights, this lovely place is called “Trinidad”, lots of colors of the tinny village and the people are so kind as funny! Also, if you can, eat on one of the Paladares (typical place to eat in Cuba, it’s a regular home of them and they put some tables and cook for the visitor that want to have lunch or dinner), on the village i saw the most unique ones! It’s a lovely place to visit and to enjoy the people, the streets and also the hospitality they have with you, priceless!

Well better than explain i’ll attach some photos so you can have an idea and maybe feel like you were walking on the streets with us.

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Hope you have  enjoyed and don’t forget to follow the sunshine* . Leaving you with some unique sound of Buena Vista social club.

Cuarto de Tula ❤