*Welcome to My Special World!*

My name is Kika Lopes Vieira and i picked two of my favorites things to do – TRAVEL – and writing and created this blog.

Here as the name indicates and inspires, we are always searching for the sunshine, which for is a source of energy vital for my day and my life, always absorbing the good vibes and experiences that gives me the places i visit.

With the blog i hope to give some tips to travelers, maybe some ideias or challenges, to the normal visitors and the ones more adventurous.

Also I have a brand of colombian products with a special touch made by us with products from around the world to finish the bags and the accessories we sell.

Media of the brand in case you wanna have a look: Facebook and Instagram

Hope to help and enjoy our followers and encourage them to travel and live new experiences which are the most importante thing we have, and the ones nobody can take you away 🙂

Travel for living, Live for traveling ❤